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Here are some examples of the work from Alfred Bossog on social media as well as some tips to support business people. Get inspiration and a fresh mindset.



Alfred Bossog. Praise yourself and others often. Recognize and use your opportunities. Find practical ways.
Alfred Bossog. Keep an overview every day. Learn to distinguish costs from investments and opportunities. The calculator is a very powerful tool in business.
Alfred Bossog. 5 important elements in business: recognizing opportunities, making decisions, organizing systems, discipline, perseverance.
Criticism in business from a competitor? Doesn't matter. Don't get sucked into this, it just wastes time. Stay as you are, recognize your opportunities and stay focused. Alfred Bossog
Alfred Bossog. Yes, opportunities and risks are the playing field of an entrepreneur. Bring your customers great added value and your opportunities are gigantic.
Being stingy is not cool, being stingy will bring you downfall. Invest if it will help you get ahead, get good people on board, secure your opportunities. Alfred Bossog
People are looking for orientation, security and meaning. Recognize your opportunities and find good ways, it's worth it. Alfred Bossog
With more structure you achieve more. You can always earn new money, but your time is gone. Alfred Bossog
What is success? It is the result of your views (mindset), habits and actions. Alfred Bossog
Alfred Bossog. Hello, good that you are here. What are you doing today? What is your goal for today? Do you need support in your business?
Alfred Bossog. Why is business success not the standard? Probably because many people prefer to stay in their comfort zone.
Alfred Bossog - Business Growth. Being busy is not enough these days, just be productive. The result decides.
Alfred Bossog - Business Growth. A business without customer acquisition is like a helicopter that doesn't have enough fuel, it doesn't work as well. Alfred Bossog & team helps.
Posting byAlfred Bossog. Failures are not mistakes, they are milestones on the path to success. Stick with it and keep learning.
Posting by Alfred Bossog. Cooperations in business are often a hugely good lever for your income. Maybe you'll give it a try.
Posting by Alfred Bossog. Good entrepreneurs find solutions to problems or find people who can do that on a project basis.
Posting by Alfred Bossog. If an offer for your business brings more budget than it costs, then book it.
Posting by Alfred Bossog. Anyone who can sell well has a clear advantage.
Posting by Alfred Bossog. In the area of marketing and sales you have to deal with a lot of rejection. That is not easy. It's all about maintaining full focus and being disciplined and motivated. The bottom line is that this brings the best results, week after week.
Posting by Alfred Bossog. Think in terms of solutions and be flexible for opportunities that move you forward.

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