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These are complex topics and there are many fears and uncertainties. Every company is unique, we shed light on the situation and help. Easy online contact, high quality level, secure payment through Payoneer USA.

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A business without marketing is like a helicopter that doesn't have enough fuel. Get the full energy here and win more good customers! We create marketing assets for your company, systematically programmed for success. Try it out.


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Business Boost for more Success. Consulting Alfred Bossog, with a lo of know-how. [image in CC0 license]

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Good marketing brings a lot to your business.

Get more and better customers now. Grow and become abundant. Guaranteed more fun and success in your life. ♠ How does that sound to you?


If you have enough new customers in advance, you can achieve higher order values. ♣ Use our complete original system with the proven protocol and reach your new business level.


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#1 The 2 steps how you can win more customers for your business

This is a big problem: In many companies, important marketing knowledge is missing and they struggle through the day.


Many leaders still think that having a good product or service is enough. With a lot of luck, this can even be true, as orders sometimes come about through recommendations.


For almost all other businesses, good marketing is necessary to move forward effectively by ongoing improvements.


If you are a business owner, you need lower customer acquisition costs. You need more traffic, more prospects and more order value.


Step 1: Focus on your core competency in your business, do what you do best.

Step 2: Get support and contact Alfred Bossog, the man with the great up-to-date knowledge, free of charge and without obligation. We'll talk or write briefly and if it suits both of us then we'll take the next step and I'll make you an irresistible offer. How does that sound to you?


Marketing Alfred Bossog. More Knowledge and more Business Power.
Customer Acquisition and Business Boost. Marketing Alfred Bossog [image in CC0 license]

#2 Why social media is so powerful and why many of your competitors are wasting gigantic business opportunities

Social media channels are very important for a company. If used correctly, you will gain a lot of reach in your target group as well as awareness and followers.


There is also the opportunity to enter into dialogue with potential new loyal customers and turn them into customers.


We would be happy to support you in the area of social media management, in part or completely.


Simply make your non-binding contact here. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Even if your business doesn't sell anything online, a good website has become a must-have in today's marketplace. Your site will often be the first place prospective customers learn about your company and it can help you weather the inevitable ups and downs of business.

Consulting Alfred Bossog. The best way to success.
The best way to success. Consulting Alfred Bossog [image in CC0 license]

#3 Why a good Website is important for a Business today

When it comes to our own website, we have chosen a classic design style. Custom websites usually look completely different, there is a universe of possibilities.


On your website you are the boss, you make the rules, it is your virtual property in the online world. With your website you increase your visibility and build trust, you can save valuable working time, get important attention from new customers and score points with important information from existing customers.


A business needs a website to drive business in today's digital world. Without a website, you give up much, if not most, of your potential business because consumers will not be able to learn anything about you or your business's offerings.


Websites are an essential tool for businesses to establish their credibility and build trust with their customers. This can then be further boosted by local SEO services to attract a local demographic for businesses who might be new in the market.


Consulting Alfred Bossog, we help your Business grow well.
We help your business grow well now. Consulting Alfred Bossog [image in CC0 License]

Generally, we can categorize the purpose of most websites into 3 sections: Awareness, sales, and information.


In today's digital age, a website is often the first point of contact between a business and its potential customers, making it a crucial tool for businesses of all sizes to communicate with their customers, promote their products or services, and establish their brand.


Arguably, websites are the better choice when you want to have a strong online presence. When you search for a product on the web, the first page is mostly filled with websites rather than social media accounts. This also means indirectly that the search engines trust and favor websites over social media accounts.


A well-designed website attracts and engages visitors, encouraging them to take desired actions like making purchases or completing forms. It acts as the initial point of contact and drives conversions, making it a vital component of digital marketing.

Use the diamonds for your important business and get the support of Alfred Bossog for more success
Use the diamonds for your important business and get the support of Alfred Bossog for more success [image in CC0 license]

 ++ The Consulting Alfred Bossog service promise: Your new website will be ready within 2 weeks, or we will continue working free of charge for 1 week until you are satisfied. ++ 

The world is rearranging itself. Good employees are often expensive and not so easy to find. Simply take advantage of the affordable support from Alfred Bossog plus the team on a flexible project basis.


No matter what industry you have your business in, what you need are really good people for marketing and, today, especially online. We support you and offer affordable solutions. 


Targeted communication is the key to the next dimension in business success. So that supply and demand can come together profitably.

Why is business success not the standard? Probably because many people prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Marketing Alfred Bossog
Why is business success not the standard? Probably because many people prefer to stay in their comfort zone. [image in CC0 license]

#4 How you can attract better employees for your business and how Consulting Alfred Bossog can support your human resources department

Having dedicated and skilled employees is crucial for any business seeking success. They directly impact productivity, profitability, and the level of satisfaction among your customer base. At our company, we understand the immense value good employees bring.

We utilize strategic hiring methods to carefully source and screen candidates who will be an ideal fit for your organization's needs and culture. Our thorough vetting process ensures we present you with top talent at competitive rates.


Getting started is easy - simply fill out our online contact form. One of our knowledgeable consultants will reach out to you promptly to discuss your staffing requirements, free of charge and with no obligation on your part.

We're passionate about partnering with businesses like yours to build a talented, motivated workforce. Let us help elevate your team's potential today.


Consulting Alfred Bossog. Create added value and trust so that your business runs powerfully.
Create added value and trust so that your business runs powerfully. Consulting Alfred Bossog [image in CC0 license]
#5 Consulting Alfred Bossog support your business with this important elements:

A - important Website quality systems, update or new one, structure, design, speed optimization, impoortant SSL certificate, Top Level Domain - TLD, schema, user experience, marketing and more


Your website works for your business around the clock, every day. Without a website it will be difficult, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities. The best clients are online. 


B - Search engine optimization - SEO, management for free visitors on your Websites 


C - Mobile App development, for appointment scheduling and much more



D - all IT webmaster services (administrator) and IT security (cyber security) for your Business 


E - Graphic Design, Logo Design, Video Production


F - effective texts with appropriate tonality; helps you with sales copy for Landing Pages or Emails 


G - our work brings you suitable Contacts and more Customers 



Result: Grab the attention of your visitors. Please contact the friendly stuff of Consulting Alfred Bossog without obligation for a free offer now. You are welcome. 


Top Marketing Systems for your Success. Consulting Alfred Bossog
Top Marketing Systems for your Success. Consulting Alfred Bossog [image in CC0 license]
#6 Of course, Consulting Alfred Bossog can support you with this elements too:

H - Google Business Profile - GBP: registration, optimization, maps, moderation of reviews


I - Facebook, Instagram, Threads, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter-X, Linkedin: advertisement service, management and moderation


J - Google, Bing, Yahoo: advertisement service, permanent optimization of results, more efficiency; search engine optimization 



K - Telemarketing: We currently offer telephone marketing (lead qualification, scheduling, acquisition) very successfully in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is planned to also offer this in the USA from autumn 2024.


L - Business Consulting: a great tool to support and increase your success


M - LinkedIn, Pinterst and Tumblr: advertisement, management and moderation



Conclusion: Consulting Alfred Bossog wants to create the best possible quality for you. Try it now, it's worth it. Get a free quote today.


a woman with a headset in an online meeting
The internet changes everything, take advantage of your opportunities, Consulting Alfred Bossog [image in CC0 license]

Mister Alfred Bossog is an active german economist and has been working in marketing, administration and consulting for 35 years. He like quality and success and speaks English, Spanish and German.

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#7 What the clientele of Consulting Alfred Bossog thinks

I have to say it like it is, the man knows marketing. Was a big advantage for me. Gladly again and again. (Ronny W. from Germany in the Frankfurt am Main region)


Customer acquisition and customer satisfaction are very important to us. We always try to keep the order situation stable and limit strong fluctuations so that we can pay our wages on time. Alfred Bossog helps us with this because we are not yet marketing experts. We'll stay in business. (Christian H. from Germany in the city of Munich)


Thanks to the supportive work of Alfred Bossog, I was able to keep sales stable and even increase them despite the severe unrest in the market. I am satisfied. (Uwe S. from Germany in the Hesse region)


Finally someone who is really reliable and does his job transparently and does it well. Thank you Alfred Bossog. We use the service at project level. I always want quality, so here is my full recommendation. (Frank M. from Germany in the city of Düsseldorf)

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