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A valuable list of important elements in marketing, for you from Consulting Alfred Bossog


Cookies are small text files that can be stored in a user's Internet browser via a website. Cookies are not malicious software or even a virus. Rather, a text program is stored that can be called up again by the web server at a later point in time.

Customer acquisition: 

Customer acquisition refers to all sales and marketing measures aimed at acquiring new customers. In addition to customer loyalty and customer recovery, customer acquisition is a part of customer acquisition

Email marketing: 

Email marketing is the systematic use of emails as part of marketing activities to promote the company's products and services, communicate news, strengthen trust with the target group and achieve more attractive sales.


Homepage usually refers to the first page that is displayed when a web address is accessed and from which you can access the other content of the website. The homepage is therefore also referred to as the index page, home page, home page, main page or home page.


Appropriate images support the content and are also important in the area of search engine optimization (SEO). Optimized graphics increase homepage loading times and improve the user experience.


Marketing describes a concept of market-oriented business management that is aimed at satisfying the needs of (potential) customers. In addition to operational measures that are intended to influence the purchasing decision, this also includes all other areas of the company.

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Programming languages are a central part of computer science and essential for creating software and websites. There are numerous different programming languages in the IT world, such as Python, Java or C++.

A sale means conveying the added value well and motivating the person to make a decision.

Sales funnel: 

A sales funnel, also known as a sales funnel, is an important part of every successful online marketing strategy. It allows you to guide potential customers through different stages of the buying process, increasing the likelihood that they will ultimately make a purchase or book an appointment.

SSL certificate:

Your homepage or website needs a Secure Sockets Layer certificate. It encrypts the connection established to the website in the browser and prevents third parties from intercepting the data traffic. It is now required by law in the most important countries (data protection). Search engines usually list websites without SSL or with a defective SSL far back or at the end (lack of seriousness). A warning message may even appear in the web browser or the connection to the website (server) may be rejected because the connection is not secure.


A result-oriented system for optimizing processes.

Text creation: 

Convincing text content is used, for example, in emails, presentations, business initiation, sales promotion, advertising on websites, etc. Text creation describes a complex process that is divided into many sub-process steps. Depending on the type of text, the required work steps differ significantly from one another and therefore largely determine the result. A professional copywriter uses word choice, mood and tone with regard to the respective target group.


If the potential customer is convinced of the company's services and the specific offer, then he will make the purchase or buy more. Trust especially requires open communication. A strong culture of trust is one of the most important components of a company and is highly desirable for success.



Your website works for your business around the clock, every day. Your shop window (showcase) on the Internet. You have the house rules, you can decide almost everything. Your free independent business territory in the online world. Your customers are online.


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